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Enjoy a new authentic designer fragrance each month for only 39.99 ANG a month.


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Choose what you'd like to try from our large selection of fragrances.

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An elegant, aluminum, refillable case. The Intrigue 8mL Atomizer bottle holds about 150 sprays which should last at least until your next order.


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Pay for your subscription before the 1st of each month. We'll throw in a free black fragrance case with each order. Cancel anytime.

Original Brands

We source top quality original perfumes and colognes, nothing but the best for our customers.


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Free Exchange and Shipping

Exchange your fragrance if it's not what you expected and of course shipping is free on all subscriptions (more info..)


Cancel Anytime

We're not looking to tie you down, go month to month & cancel anytime


Online support

Contact us 24/7 for any questions or comments via info@intrigue.one or
+599 9 530 7777